In light of the Sumitomo Riko Group Spirit, we focus on protection of the environment. As a company we perform activities based on requirements and rules of the society we undertake to perform all our activities as business, including product development, design, production, distribution, sales, and disposal in the spirit of "MOTTAINAI" and "OMOIYARI". Furthermore, we cherish our co-existence with the local community, working together to protect the environment, and will undertake activities to protect and improve the environment continually.


  • 1.Ensure environmental preservation activities are deeply rooted in the corporate culture with all employees participating in the activities.
  • 2.Undertake Global Environmental Protection activities along with all companies related with the Industrial Hose Business.
  • 3.We will not only strictly follow the environmental regulations laid down by the nation and local governments , but also develop our own plan for improvements to further reduce the impact on the environment.
  • 4.Establish targets and goals for environmental issues and implement improvements systematically and continuously.
  • 5.Develop products and manufacturing methods that have low impacts on the environment and proactively promote environmental protection activities.
  • 6.Share information related to the environment and, promote environmental exchanges with the local community and society.